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Lenormand Reading

In-person/ Virtual

  • 30 分鐘
  • 500 Hong Kong dollars


What is Lenormand? The Lenormand cards bear the name of Marie Anne Lenormand, a French fortune-teller who supposedly advised leaders of the French Revolution. After her death, game-makers released the Grand Jeu (“Big Game”) and Petit Jeu (“Little Game”), both inspired by her divination practices. PATTERNS OF LENORMAND CARDS Tarot card readings tend to draw out a querent’s inner feelings and motivations in order to predict events, but Lenormand cards more often represent concrete or external things. Looking down at a Lenormand cards spread is a little like looking down at a map of someone’s life in one specific moment. 30mins Reading -One Topic Reading and Analysis (Love, Career, Personal, Friendship and more)


We will be unable to provide the full services and reserve the right from your purchased service under the following circumstances: (a) When KOSMIC Group Ltd. have already completed your service as scheduled. (b) If you fail to contact KOSMIC Group Ltd where you have reserved your service session 4 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to cancel or re-schedule (if the time frame falls out of the business hours of KOSMIC Group Ltd, this term would apply to the working day preceding the day of the scheduled appointment). (c) You fail to show up at the time of your scheduled appointment; (d) You fail to show up at the assigned service meeting point within the first 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment;

Please contact us via Instagram or email

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