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This Kit is perfect for those who have never tried wax melts or want to explore a new fragrance. 


Our wax melts are made with plant-based soy wax, natural bee wax, and premium fragrance oil. All wax melts are handmade and poured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. 


Last, but not least, it is an ideal gift idea! 


*Please choose from below scents list and note it at checkout! 

Wax Melts Experience Kit

  • 1. Wax melts tend to have a stronger scent than traditional candles.

    2. They are long lasting, inexpensive, fun, cute, and safer to use. 

    3. Able to mix and match the melts to create a unique blend for your own spaces.

    4. You can choose how much wax you want to burn which will determine how much scent you can enjoy at a time.

    5. Soot-free

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