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Comes in a 15ml glass bottle with dropper.

Product Durability Period: 2 years


Our Remedy Oils are our set of accompaniment oils to our Base Oils. Supercharge your Base Oil or moisturizer by mixing in a couple drops of your desired Remedy Oil, or apply alone for a more intensive solution.


Our ILLUME gives your skin its vitality back. Rosehip, sea buckthorn, and carrot oils work alongside licorice and Japanese knotweed herbs to brighten and encourage new cell turnover in the skin, further helping it reclaim the light.


Use alone for:

  • Small areas that require targeted treatment, for a short period of time


Ingredients: Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Perilla Seed Oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Macerated Carrot Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Organic Geranium Essential Oil, Organic Licorice, Wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed

Remedy Oil - ILLUME (Hyperpigmentation)


    Our Remedy Oils pack a potent punch of healing power.

    Concerned about redness? Hyperpigmentation? Blemishes? Cellulite? Find solace by customizing your experience and targeting various skin concerns with our Remedy Oils.

    Supercharge your Base Oil or moisturizer by mixing in a couple drops of your desired Remedy Oil, or apply alone for a more intensive solution*.

    Made with ingredients that are organic or wildcrafted wherever possible, our oils get their magnificent colours from the vibrant plant power that goes into them.

    *If applying neat - only do so for a couple days, and then take a day or two off, to avoid skin sensitization. Avoid the eye area completely.


  • World of MYŌTH

    We believe our daily rituals should feel innate. To be in accordance with nature. To help you feel more grounded and intuitive.

    An uncomplicated, streamlined skincare practice that helps you achieve a state of blissful relaxation, with the flexibility to customize to your daily needs.

    • Always made with 100% natural ingredients that you understand.
    • Contained within exquisite, timeless vessels that are more adornment and less propaganda.
    • Customizable to flow with your ever evolving needs.
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