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Welcome to kosmicland

- where possibilities are limitless. Where we are not defined by our past, our appearances, or our jobs. We are all unique beings in Kosmicland.

Pastel Swirl

In the far away and mythical Kosmicland… The Supreme Goddess - KOSMIC and Supreme God - KOSMAN fought their enemies in their homeland and had to use all their powers within them to defeat the powerful dark forces. Kosmic called to the ocean and waved her arms to move the wind, Kosman shook the land and blew out the fire.


With the four elements: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire on their side, the dark forces had no other way than to surrender.


3,333 exclusive spots to become guardians of Kosmicland.

The Kosmo Twelve

The Kosmo Twelve are the children of Kosmic and Kosman, each representing a horoscope. They guide the guardians of each horoscope to protect Kosmicland in their own special ways and communities. The Kosmic Twelve will introduce themselves one by one to all of you, potential guardians of Kosmicland.

Which of the twelve horoscopes do you belong to?

The Kosmo Twelve

Our Team 

Grey Limbo


Abstract Horizon

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